This is a large 1.7.10 modpack with a varied selection of mods, including tech, magic, utility, worldgen, atmosphere, and more. All of Reika's mods are included, and many of the rest are well-known, famous mods. However, quite a number of the mods in the pack are less well-known and may be new to most players.

The mod list itself resembles that of kitchen sink pack, but changes have been made to recipes and mod behavior to achieve a different gameplay experience than can be found in a kitchen sink or most other modpacks.

The pack and, if applicable, the server running it, are used for testing Reika's mods before they hit public release. This is one of the primary reasons that her mods are made to be a central focus of the pack. As the pack is a testing ground of sorts, there is always a risk of instability, performance issues, or other glitches.

The pack contains a dedicated core mod - "Dragon Realm Core" - which performs a great deal of the work in setting up the various tweaks which make up the pack. This mod will NOT function if attempted to be used elsewhere.