DragonRealm is a fragile pack; if used incorrectly, it will not function as intended. Additionally, it is released under special rules and must not be treated like a generic modpack.

Incorrect Installation

If you do not follow the steps correctly, the pack may run but will provide inoptimal results. For example, failing to set the DragonAPI world configs will cause structures to generate at unreasonably far distances from you in game, essentially preventing access. If you do not correctly perform other steps, you may end up with missing or broken worldgen, nonfunctional recipes, or instability.

Due to issues with ModTweaker's implementation of handling of some mods' machines' recipes, do not use /mt reload! It often ends up breaking the loading of MT scripts entirely, resulting in a reversion of ALL recipe changes until the next game reload.

Unsanctioned Modification

Do NOT make changes to the pack unless given explicit permission to do so! Updating mods will break patches, removing mods will break interactions like recipes, and adding mods will break the balance by introducing shortcuts or exploits. Additionally, an unforeseen interaction may lead to serious long-term problems like world corruption or crashes. Multiple people have in the past tried to modify the pack; nearly all of them made it nonfunctional in doing so.

Note: Clientside-only mods (eg minimaps, DynamicSurroundings, and so on) are safe to remove and probably update. See "Mod List" for a full list of such mods in the pack.
Optifine may be removed but not updated, as most of its versions are not properly Forge-compatible. Adding additional client-side mods is strongly not recommended.


This pack is NOT to be shared directly with other people; they must be linked to this site! This pack is fragile and full of unusual behavior, and users must be able to see this information before attempting to play.

Never share DragonRealmCore outside of this pack! It is not designed to work in anything except DragonRealm!

Crashes or Other Errors

It is entirely possible that at some point you may experience unintended, undesirable behavior, as sometimes happens in most large modpacks. Normally, the correct thing to do when that happens is to gather information, and if the error persists, report it to the developers of the mods which are involved in the error.

Do not do this with DragonRealm!

As DragonRealm has many modifications to the behavior of various mods, up to and including a few custom mod versions, the error has a good chance of not being the fault of the original developer of those mods, and they can do nothing about your error. All you will accomplish by notifying them is causing them irritation over being bothered by a problem they had no part in making. Additionally, DragonRealm is a 1.7.10 pack, and most mods have moved past that version, and are neither going to do anything about any bugs that may remain in 1.7.10 versions nor going to want to hear about it.

If you are going to report issues, do so to Reika.