This is the recommended texture/resource pack to use when playing DragonRealm. It is entirely optional, but it is recommended that you use it if you wish your gameplay visually resemble that which is seen in the screenshots and world tours.

This texture pack was created by Reika as her personal texture pack, starting in early 2012, and began gaining mod integration in late 2013. It contains a mix of textures from vanilla, other texture packs, and custom ones created by Reika. Most to all of the textures for modded items are custom-made for the pack, while a many textures for vanilla blocks come from Faithful 32x.

The style of the pack could roughly be described as "vanilla-like eye candy", focusing primarily on mostly keeping vanilla/native mod styling while doubling block resolution and replacing ugly textures.

Because of the fact that many of the textures are sourced from other packs, this texture pack may NOT be shared outside of Dragon Realm.

Last Updated: Wed, 05 Jan 2022 19:57:51 -0800

Sample textures and sources:

Block Icon(s) Source
Cobblestone Custom
Bedrock Adventure Island
Lapis Adventure Island
Netherrack Custom
Glowstone Sphax with Custom Animation
Pistons Custom, Portal-inspired
Ores Custom
Crafting Table, Furnaces, Chests Custom
Obsidian Unknown
Water HD Realism
Lava HD Realism
ComputerCraft Custom
TE Machines Custom
AppEng Blocks Custom
Gendustry Machines Custom
MystCraft Crystal Custom

An old image (Oct 2012); most of these textures continue to be the ones used.